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Findings from the test Primary Care Homes presented exclusively at Best Practice

The National Association of Primary Care (NAPC), with the support of NHS England are bringing to reality the Primary Care Home model. The model is a form of the multi-specialty community provider (MCP) – similar to those being developed by the NHS England vanguards but centred on integrated care of groups of GP practices.

Under the Primary Care Home model networks of GPs, health and social care staff will remodel primary care based around the health and social needs of individual communities (populations of between 30,000 – 50,000 patients). Care under the model will provide a ‘complete clinical community’ – better integrating primary, secondary and social care workforces with the aim of providing more personalised and better co-ordinated care closer to home for thousands of patients.

Download the NAPC's Primary Care Home Report

The main focus of the Primary Care Home model are as follows:

  • Provision of care to a defined, registered population of between 30,000 and 50,000;
  • A combined focus on personalisation of care with improvements in population health outcomes;
  • An integrated workforce, with a strong focus on partnerships spanning primary, secondary and social care;
  • Aligned clinical financial drivers through a unified, capitated budget with appropriately shared risks and rewards.


15 sites have been chosen to rapid test the new model. Findings from the test models will be presented exclusively at Best Practice.

The outcomes of the Primary Care Home model tests could change the way the way primary, community and secondary care work together forever. Learn more about Primary Care Homes by analysing the findings from the rapid test models, hear more about the future of primary care models and fully understand the part you will play in their development at Best Practice 2017.

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  • "Best Practice is an important event which enables GPs to come together to network, interact with different organisations, raise their questions and get their views across."
    Dr Maureen Baker
  • "Come together to network, interact with different organisations, raise their questions and get their views across."
    Dr John Baker
  • "I attended last year and was impressed. It is really useful to get details on the national and strategic agenda. It’s also great to have the DDA incorporated so I can attend some sessions there too, plus it is a time to speak to the suppliers you want to, when you have time, unlike in the practice!"
    Judy Cole
    Practice Manager
  • "Best Practice has been great to get up to date with clinical, admin and technology aspects. There is a good variety of talks here."
    Dr Daniel de Brauw