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An Update On The NHS Pension

Best Practice Birmingham 2022 Programme


An Update On The NHS Pension

12 Oct 2022
Business Services Hub

The NHS Pension can be complex to understand, combine that with a forever changing taxation environment can put a lot of people off retirement planning at all. However, retirement will be a big part of all our lives and so it is essential to keep up-to-date with the scheme and plan properly for the retirement you deserve. Many people are aware the Annual Allowance rules changed for the better in April 2020, but most are yet to understand and realise the impact on their pension. Also, although this is a constantly moving piece, the recent ‘age discrimination’ court ruling will have a huge impact on most members’ NHS Pensions, there are a wrath of options and it can be difficult to know which option you should pick. We will do our best to inform you on how the NHS Pension Scheme works, the recent changes and what you need in order to retire at a reasonable age.

  • 1. Understand the basics of the NHS Pension
  • 2. Understand the changes that have taken place to both the scheme and taxation environment over the years
  • 3. The importance of formulating a plan for retirement
Simon Appleyard, Senior Regional Manager - Wesleyan