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Can digital healthcare really provide patient-centred care?

Best Practice Birmingham 2022 Programme


Can digital healthcare really provide patient-centred care?

12 Oct 2022
Best Practice Workshop Theatre

Technology is fast reshaping the health landscape, allowing for greater access, greater uptake and in return greater outcomes. But how essential healthcare services can be delivered digitally is still unknown to many. More people have now experienced digitally-enabled services firsthand, yet some misconceptions remain.

With significant potential for further transformation, digital technologies are vital to achieve many of the goals in the NHS long-term plan. While we need to question whether this offers personalised care, we also need to be open to the value technology will bring.

At Oviva we believe that the key to success is making the patient an equal partner in a continuous and supportive relationship, whether their care is delivered face-to-face or digitally. What are your perceptions of digital healthcare? And more importantly do we have the evidence to support or dismiss these? Join us as we discuss if digital healthcare can really provide patient-centred care.

  • Identify the methods that enable digital services to be patient-centred.
  • Identify how digital care can support complex and chronic patients.
  • Understand how face to face and digital services can complement and accentuate patient care in the future.
Lucy Jones, VP Clinical - Oviva