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Could it be myeloma? The importance of early diagnosis

Best Practice Birmingham 2022 Programme


Could it be myeloma? The importance of early diagnosis

13 Oct 2022
GP Clinical 2 Theatre
Could it be myeloma? The importance of early diagnosis

Myeloma has one of the longest waits from initial symptom presentation to diagnosis (163 days) and 31% of patients are diagnosed via an emergency route. Delayed diagnosis can lead to more severe symptoms, advanced disease, and poor survival rates. GPs face challenges with the non-specific nature of myeloma symptoms. This presentation will feature talks from a consultant haematologist, a GP (who is also a myeloma patient), and a patient who experienced delays in their diagnosis. It will focus on the common pitfalls in myeloma diagnosis and highlight how different a patient’s journey can be if myeloma is caught early. This presentation will feature new diagnostic tools, which aid decision making and have been developed in collaboration with GPs and haematologists.

  • To appreciate the signs and symptoms of myeloma To know when to investigate further patients and when to refer patients with suspected myeloma to secondary care To understand the impact of delayed diagnosis in myeloma
Fenella Willis, Consultant Haematologist - St Georges Hospital
Judith Richardson, GP - MyelomaUK
Mark Scott, Head of Humanities - BYRCHALL HIGH SCHOOL