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It's time to Automate General Practice - GP Automate

Best Practice Birmingham 2022 Programme


It's time to Automate General Practice - GP Automate

13 Oct 2022
Business Services Hub

Create time and transform your practice.
Discover how much time you could save by automating repetitive tasks. This new software automates new patient registrations, actions normal lab reports and Florey questionnaires, saving on average >75% of staff time on those tasks. Fast, accurate and secure, this software takes care of the menial tasks freeing up time for more meaningful work.
See the software in action and find out how GP Automate can save on staff costs and create extra time in your practice.
GP Automate.
Make Time. Stress Less. Care More.

  • Automation in general practice is here
  • Remove unnecessary workload
  • Make your practice/PCN more sustainable by workforce reorganisation
Arun Notaney, Founder and CEO - GP Automate