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Early diagnosis saves lives, Can you #SpotLeukaemia?

Best Practice Bulletin: Edition 5

09 Sep 2020

Early diagnosis saves lives, Can you #SpotLeukaemia?

Early diagnosis saves lives, Can you #SpotLeukaemia?

Primary care health professionals play a crucial role in diagnosing blood cancer early. We know that patient presentation delays and the nature of acute conditions contributes to emergency diagnosis rates. Most GPs only see one case of leukaemia every three to four years and symptoms are non-specific and therefore hard to recognise for both GPs and for patients. These factors can result in a higher rate of emergency diagnosis for blood cancer patients, which is associated with decreased survival.

Additionally, the COVID-19 pandemic has caused a significant reduction in patient presentation, diagnosis and referral rates of suspected cancers. Therefore, early diagnosis is even more important at this time.

During September, Leukaemia Care are launching new e-learning modules and webinars in partnership with the RGCP. These digital materials and events are designed to help overcome these barriers to early diagnosis and help you to put learning into practice

Ensure you #SpotLeukaemia, visit the website for further details:

These new courses and webinars complement existing RGCP/Leukaemia Care Gateway C e-learning modules and are FREE to all healthcare professionals and are RCGP CDP accredited.

  • New RCGP/leukaemia Care e-learning modules for early diagnosis and management of Acute and Chronic leukaemia. Hosted on the RCGP  e-learning pages of the RCGP website, this is a 30 minute course comprising two modules, one on acute leukaemia and one on chronic leukaemia. Modules focus on early diagnosis, encouraging blood testing when patients present with non-specific symptoms and primary care aspects of leukaemia management, in particular holistic care to include psychological support and survivorship.
  • RCGP/Leukaemia Care blood cancer diagnosis and ‘Spot Leukaemia’ webinars. Co-hosted by North of England and South West of England RCGP faculties with leukaemia Care. Open to all England RCGP members. Webinars will be saved as ongoing learning and hosted in video on the RCGP digital learning platform on the RCGP website to accompany and support the content of e-learning modules.
  • Acute leukaemia and blood cancer early diagnosis - Date and Time: 90 minutes – 7pm Tues 8th September
  • Chronic leukaemia and blood cancer early diagnosis - Date and Time: 90 minutes – 7pm Weds 7th October

Gateway C/Leukaemia Care – early diagnosis of Acute Leukaemia Webinar

Audience -  university medical students

Date and Time: 21 October 2020  1:00- 2:00pm

This webinar is to support the Gateway C early diagnosis of Acute Leukaemia module available on the GatewayC  website

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