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Long Term Conditions - the difference an aligned care approach can make

Best Practice - Conference Programme 2021


Long Term Conditions - the difference an aligned care approach can make

13 Oct 2021
Best Practice in Nursing Theatre

In this presentation we follow the journey of Ian a patient who is living with multiple long term conditions. We look at the benefits that using an aligned, holistic approach gave him and talk through some of the techniques that could be adapted by all clinicians who consult with patients living with long term conditions. This includes personalised care planning, motivational interviewing and empowering patients to make their own choices and goals.

  • To gain an understanding of how an aligned care approach and personalised care planning can benefit patients and carers who live with long term conditions
  • To understand the basics on how using motivational interviewing techniques can help improve clinical and quality of life outcomes for people living with long term conditions.
  • To learn how to adopt an holistic approach and how empowering patients can be the difference that makes the difference motivational interviewing and personalised care.
Jo Wilson, Co-Founder - Aligned Care Programme
Annette Bradley, Advanced nurse practitioner / co-founder Aligned Care Programme - The Aligned Care Programme