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The GP-led digital revolution

Best Practice - Conference Programme 2021


The GP-led digital revolution

13 Oct 2021
Keynote Theatre - The Future of General Practice
The GP-led digital revolution

In this session, we will be discussing the current state of digital implementation in healthcare after COVID-19 instigated accelerated innovation, assessing how far the 'digital revolution' has actually progressed, and what lies ahead. As digital healthcare forms a key solution to future-proofing our NHS, we highlight the importance and value in clinician input and direction in crafting this future, and the potential benefits therein.

  • - The current digital landscape in healthcare and the impact of COVID-19 on this (covering the tools influx etc.)
  • - How the benefits of scale can be applied on a local level
  • - That GP leadership and clinical input is essential in pursuing the benefits of digital advancements in healthcare
Jonathan Duffy, Head of Practices - Livi