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How to help your practices along their digital journey

Best Practice - Conference Programme 2021


How to help your practices along their digital journey

14 Oct 2021
Business Services Hub
How to help your practices along their digital journey

This session will describe the building blocks involved in a practice’s digital journey, recognising the variation of knowledge and skills in a team and across teams. We will help to give you the confidence and competence required to deliver good digital services to patients. We will also explore what is required from the system to support practices and showcase a coaching and support webtool created to help people on their journey. If we showed you a way that could help plan your digital journey, that would save you time, reduce pressure, and could help your team to improve, would you come with us…?

  • Awareness of the many elements of digital service provision
  • Understanding of the key elements of good Digital Patient Communications
  • Inspire people to deliver the digital agenda together, across practices
Jacky Aw, GP and Clinical Director - Loomer Medical Group
Lisa Drake, Director - Quality, Service and Improvement - Redmoor Health
Cameron Booth, Digital Programme Manager - Redmoor Health