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High Intensity Use Programme - Concentrate on the people and results will follow

Best Practice - Conference Programme 2021


High Intensity Use Programme - Concentrate on the people and results will follow

14 Oct 2021
GP Clinical Theatre 1

High intensity use of health services is a global challenge, regardless of wealth, opportunity, or demographic. It is estimated that 0.67% of the English population accessing A&E account for 29% of ambulance arrivals, 16% of A&E attendances, 26% of admissions from A&E, and 2% of national inpatient bed days - estimated at a cost to ambulance services and acute trusts £2.5bn each year. More importantly, people acing services in this way continue to have an unmet need.

When so many people are accessing healthcare more than expected, the responsibility for change lies with the system, not individuals accessing care in that way.

NHSEI have a solution that puts people at the heart of the programme that supports real system change; with incredible results. The High Intensity Use Programme is an evidence-based, human approach that sustainably reduces cohort activity by the following:


q  A&E attendances                      up to 84%

q   Non-elective admissions           up to 84%

q   999 calls                                  up to 78%

The wider beneficial changes to people, families, NHS workers and communities is huge!

The way we do this is by concentrating on people and the results follow.

‘High Intensity’ is the effort our programmes and workers bring to people and organisations looking to reduce unwarranted variation in emergency, urgent, primary and secondary care contacts and improve patient flow across the system.


The approach is open to any organisation or system who wants to redefine how they meet any current unmet needs and improve of the community they serve. The natural by-product sees patient flow improve, costs avoided, and unwarranted variation reduced.

Rhian Monteith, Specialist Advisor to NHSEI