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Increasing access to a quality dementia diagnosis

Best Practice - Conference Programme 2021


Increasing access to a quality dementia diagnosis

13 Oct 2021
GP Clinical Theatre 2

Dementia is a challenging condition, and many people experience a fragmented care pathway. People often bounce from service to service, with a lack of understanding of how to navigate the complexity of the health and social care system.

While challenges exist throughout the dementia pathway, improvements in care and support must start at the beginning, at diagnosis. Not everybody with the condition has a diagnosis, unable to access the support that would enable them to live well with the condition. One of the biggest challenges for professionals is ensuring more people are diagnosed with dementia.


But diagnosing more people with the condition is not just about chasing numbers, we must also improve the quality of diagnosis. How a diagnosis is delivered often sets the tone for how people see and understand their condition, as well as how they view the rest of their journey with dementia.

This presentation will outline the importance of a diagnosis and what people with the condition want from it. The impact of Covid-19 on people affected and what primary care can do to support more people to access a quality diagnosis in a timely way will also be considered.

Kielan Arblaster, Policy Officer - Alzheimer's Society