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Best Practice Webinars

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Organisers of the Best Practice Show are delighted to present the webinar series: Best Practice in Conversation with... 

Join our panels of experts in conversation each week, during the free, live webinar or re-watch the recordings below. Each webinar has been co-produced with a longstanding show partner, including: The DDA, NHSX, The PCC, The NAPC, Soar Beyond, and Practice Managers Association.

Scroll down to see the full list of upcoming and on-demand webinars.

PLUS, we are delighted to announce our new educational webinar series with the Primary Care Cardiovascular Society, click here to learn more. 

Upcoming Webinar with Vitalograph

Spirometry Certification, 12th August 2020, 12:30-1:30pm

Spirometry is a key diagnostic investigation at the forefront of respiratory disease diagnosis and management. Therefore it is imperative that practitioners are suitably trained to the correct standards in the performance and interpretation of spirometry. This webinar will highlight the importance of performing quality assured diagnostic spirometry, how to become spirometry certified and being on the spirometry register.

Key Learning Points:

1. Types of certification available  
2.Why is it important to undergo the correct certification 
3. Importance of the spirometry register 



Past Webinar with GDPQ

Why Primary Care Must Not Waste This Critical Opportunity, 6th August 2020, 12:30-1:30pm

COVID-19 has brought about a seismic change in how Primary Care operates with reports estimating that digital adoption alone accelerated a staggering 5 years in just eight weeks.

The NHS and Primary Care have admirably risen to the challenges of the past four months and out of adversity has come incredible innovation. However, as with any rapid shift in practices there is the need to ensure that the changes are being delivered in a manner that address the long term challenges and not just the short term needs.

For example how should Practices handle the huge amount of patient data they can now access, how do they maintain GDPR compliance and how is their professional indemnity affected by video consultations are just a few of the myriad of questions Primary Care now face.

Critical Lessons Primary Care Must Learn From

With Primary and Community Care are under greater pressure than ever before, this webinar will debate how CCGs and PCNs can:

• Create better patient-led experiences
• Maintain compliance and best practice standards
• Address GP retention
• Remove barriers to sustainable digital modernisation
• Improve workforce planning



Past Webinar with The DDA

Avoiding wrong group movements and other reimbursement mishaps, 5th August 2020, 1:00-2:00pm

Delegates listening to this webinar will understand the administrative processes supporting collection of the NHS prescription charge and subsequent submission to NHS Business services Authority for reimbursement. The webinar will cover areas such as the new FP10 patient declarations, exemption declarations during COVID-19, exemptions relating to PA items (and where to find PA information on the dm&d) and using red separators

Learning Points

  • Become acquainted with the new-look FP10 patient declarations
  • Reduce wrong group movements through better understanding of the NHS BSA rules relating to prescription charge exemption declarations
  • Understand how PA items are defined by NHS BSA and where to find item level PA information
  • Get to know how to use the new red separators
  • How to package and submit your end of month submissions to NHS BSA




Past Webinar with Klinik Healthcare Solutions UK Ltd:

Patient Flow Management - Seeing the Right Person at the Right Time with the Right Resource, 15th July 2020, 12:30-1:30pm

How technology can be used to increase the efficiency of clinical decisions.

We have developed a methodology to optimise the clinical decision-making process for safety, efficiency and patient satisfaction based upon what we term Whole System TriageTM. The principles that underpin Whole System TriageTM wherein:

  • All queries channelled through a single platform
  • Multi-disciplinary team first point of contact
  • We relentlessly measure all data from the systems in practice


Learning Outcome – Understanding of How to Deploy Whole System Triage


Past webinar co-produced with NHSX:

Building a Digital Primary Care Following COVID-19, 8th July 2020, 12:30-1:30pm

This session looked at the challenges and the successes of digital transformation in primary care during the COVID-19 crisis and which digital solutions will be taken forward.

Presenters Dr Matt Hoghton, Helen Crowther RN, Ann Gregory RN and Alison Taylor RN gave an overview of key programmes and new ways of working that have been implemented across primary and social care services during COVID-19.

Covering different perspectives on areas such as remote working and video consultations. Looking at how virtual check ins with care home residents and patients with learning disabilities has kept services connecting and how proxy access for care home staff has improved medication ordering.

Also covering a project on connecting with digitally exclude communities using innovative communications.

NHSX webinar 2


Watch the recording:

Past webinar co-produced with The Respiratory Show:

Issues in Respiratory Disease in COVID-19 Times and Beyond, Wednesday 1st July, 12:30-13:30pm

Reflecting on the last few months and how our clinical and educational roles have changed this webinar will informally consider the diagnosis and management of respiratory disease and ask, ‘what is the new normal?’

 It will also explore respiratory disease management and the impact on children and young people.

The sessions will encourage participants to:

  • Consider if the diagnosis of respiratory disease needs lung function testing
  • Reflect on the safety aspects of testing
  • Appraise the changes in the management of respiratory disease; has it changed irrevocably and are the changes appropriate?
  • Deliberate the specific impact this changed environment had on our children and young people with respiratory disease




Watch the recording:

Past webinar with the DDA:

Dispensing practice during the new normal in COVID-19 (England and Wales), 24th June 2020, 1:00-2:00pm

Safer practice in de-escalation, How to keep staff safe and your dispensing open during the new ‘normal’

Shielded patients: Understanding your role in medicines supply to shielded patients

Pharmaceutical Needs Assessments. Understanding their role in the delivery of the local pharmaceutical network, and the implications for your dispensing list

Learning outcomes:

In England and Wales

  • NHS Test & Trace

Understand its implications for business continuity
Implement safer dispensing

  • Understand the NHS delivery services in England and Wales

Who, what, when, where, how (process) and payment

Working with the NHS delivery service providers – How to maintain a robust audit of medicines supply and keep patients safe and supplied with medicines 

  • Pharmaceutical Needs Assessments

Understand the role of PNAs in pharmaceutical services planning

  • Know the pitfalls for your dispensing list

DDA Webinar

Watch the recording:

Past webinar with the PCC:

Learning from COVID-19 – Capturing Changes for the Future, 10th June 2020, 12:30-1:30pm

The Covid-19 crisis has accelerated the transformation of care, with pressures on workforce driving practices to work together, with other partners and in different ways.

Practices have changed the way they do many things, and it is likely that they will retain some of the new ways of working when the peak has passed.

So what will stay and what will go?  For PCNs there needs to be time to reflect and consider:

  • Where are we now
  • What has worked well
  • What do we want to keep doing that we have now
  • What have we learnt

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Watch the recording:

Past webinar with 


Digital Nursing - 3rd June 2020, 12:30-13:30pm

The 5th webinar in the Best Practice in Conversation with series, will explore how nurses across the country are driving transformational change and adapting rapidly to new ways of working.

Join us in a discussion on how we deliver care, engage with patients and connect with other services during the crisis and what we hope to continue after.

The expert presenter:

  • Dr Natasha Phillips RN, CNIO, NHSX
  • Ann Gregory RN, Clinical Nurse Advisor, NHSX
  • Helen Crowther RN, Clinical Nurse Advisor, NHSX


Learning outcomes:

  • What services are available to staff and patients to support better care
  • Where to find more information
  • Key guidance documents, policy and support
  • Future vision

If you’re curious about the digital transformation of nursing, register now to hear from our leading experts from NHSX.

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Watch the recording:

Past webinar with the 

National Association of Primary Care:

Positive learning from the disruptive landscape of COVID-19 - 27th May 2020, 1-1:45pm

National Association of Primary Care will explore how crisis management of the pandemic has resulted in population health management initiatives being implemented at an unprecedented scale and pace, including the identification, and shielding of vulnerable patients and testing of keyworkers.  

A population health approach to primary care, a key focus for the NAPC, will also be vital as the UK comes out of its first wave of COVID-19 to be faced with a huge backlog of unmet health and wellness needs.

Learning outcomes include sharing best practice on what has worked specifically in East Grinstead and other experiences including child immunisation programmes.


Watch the recording:

Past webinar with Soar Beyond:

Successfully Recruiting and Integrating the Clinical Pharmacist  - 20th May, 12:30-1:30pm

A MUST-listen for organisations who are thinking about getting back to BAU and start to plan utilisation of your ARRS (Additional Roles Reimbursement Scheme) funding. 

This webinar, shared best practice for PCN business and practice managers on:

• How to best utilise the skillset of a pharmacist to reduce workload, drive income and improve patient care

• Successfully overcoming challenges of virtually recruiting your clinical pharmacist to maximise the ARRS funding opportunity

• Supporting and accelerating the value your clinical pharmacist can bring and how to measure success
Webinar 4

Watch the recording:

Past Webinar with Practice Managers Association:

Practice Management During the Pandemic - 13th May 2020, 12:30-1:30pm

The Practice Managers Association in a Q&A session with three of the UKs most respected practice managers reflect on the challenges in primary care during the current Coronavirus and the lessons being learned to enhance the future delivery of GP services.

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Testimonial: "This is my second Best Practice Webinar – I enjoyed last week's very much and looking forward to the next one" – Practice Manager

PMA Webinar image

Watch the recording:

Past Webinar with the DDA:

The Emergency COVID Regulations - And Your Dispensary - 29th April 2020, 1-2pm

This webinar will combine expert insights and support to help you navigate the emergency COVID regulations affecting dispensaries, in particular, dispensing when local pharmacies are closed, the NHS commissioned delivery service and payment processes.

Webinar 1

Watch the recording: