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Best Practice Programme 2023

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From pharmacist to supervisor: nurturing the next generation of professionals

12 Oct 2023
PCN GP Pharmacist Theatre

Training Session Overview: (30 minutes)
Introduction and Context Setting (5 minutes)
- Welcome participants and introduce the session's objectives.
Outcome 1: Understanding the Changing Landscape (5 minutes)
- Discuss the shift in pharmacy roles and responsibilities, including independent prescribing and expanding pharmacist teams in Primary Care Networks.
- Emphasize the importance of adapting to these changes to shape a proficient future workforce.
Outcome 2: Benefits of Supervision (5 minutes)
-Outline the positive impact of supervision on patient care, healthcare service quality, and the advancement of pharmacy as a profession.

Outcome 3: Starting the Journey to Be a Supervisor (10 minutes)
- Offer practical steps for participants to initiate their path toward becoming effective supervisors.
- Stress the value of self-assessment, reflective practice, and constructive feedback

Sarah Partridge, Lead Senior Clinical PCN Pharmacist - Nottingham City GP Alliance

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