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Best Practice Programme 2023

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How to assess, benchmark and upskills your pharmacist and technicians to maximise efficiency in your practices

12 Oct 2023
PCN GP Pharmacist Theatre

This session, led by Runa Salim, centres on the vital role of bench-marking pharmacists and technicians to accurately gauge their skill levels and identify learning gaps before they are assigned work. Acknowledging the wide variance in skill levels, the session provides concrete guidance on efficient upskilling techniques tailored to individual and practice needs. Efficient training and upskilling enables staff members to contribute tangible value from their first week, leading to enhanced job satisfaction and staff retention and seamless integration into your practice teams. Attendees will understand the foundational knowledge and skills required of new pharmacists and technicians vital for safe, effective work in Primary Care, achievable in as little as 1 week. The session also includes an overview of a five-tier developmental pathway, detailing on task competencies, skill levels, and qualifications required at each stage. Free resources, such as a self-assessment tool and an induction checklist, will also be provided for immediate practical application.

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