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One less task for NHS staff: automation with Healthtech-1

11 Oct 2023
Best Practice Workshop Theatre
One less task for NHS staff: automation with Healthtech-1

This session covers automated new patient registrations, blood test filing and screening and recall.

Raj and Founding Clinician Dr Lydia will talk through how automation saves money and remove workload from your team, liberating their time for direct patient care, QOF and other income-generating activities.

You’ll hear from our customer surgeries, sharing their experience of being part of the Healthtech-1 family, working with the team and how they’ve benefitted from automation.

With more technology and tools available in primary care, it’s hard for practices to pick out which products are ready today and actually do the job, and that in reality deliver value. Raj and Lydia will demo how Healthtech-1 doesn’t provide tools to make tasks quicker, but instead software that does the work, like delegating to a virtual worker, lifting the workload from your team’s shoulders.

Learn how to get started with automation today with Healthtech-1 automated new patient registrations (come to the Healthtech-1 stand C105 to go live within an hour). Healthtech-1 has delivered over 100,000 automated new patient registrations to 150+ GP surgeries (over 4% of the nation’s registrations) and are ready to add you to the family! And if you’re struggling with lack of GPs and a mounting blood results list, you can hear about automated blood test filing and how Healthtech-1 are tackling clinical safety and liability for automation of clinical tasks.

Lydia van Hamel-Parsons, GP and Founding Clinician - Healthtech-1
Raj Kohli, Co-Founder - Healthtech-1
Peter Huang, Co-Founder - Healthtech-1
Dr Dominic Main, Clinical Engineer - Healthtech-1

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