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Best Practice Programme 2023

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HAYDEN-an innovative solution to the prevailing challenges and opportunities of burnout amount Nurses in the Post Pandemic era.

12 Oct 2023
Best Practice in Nursing Theatre
HAYDEN-an innovative solution to the prevailing challenges and opportunities of burnout amount Nurses in the Post Pandemic era.

Introducing HAYDEN, the ultimate lifestyle network for nurses! Our journey is designed to help nurses stay healthy, happy, and connected in the post-pandemic world. With features like a wellness section, retail therapy, community chat, and nursing lifestyle magazine, the combination will have  everything you need to live your best life.

Our wellness section is packed with tips and tricks to help you stay healthy and energized. From exercise routines to healthy recipes, we've got you covered. And when you need a little retail therapy, our app will have you covered there too. With access to all your favourite wellness items, you can shop till you drop without ever leaving the app.

But that's not all! Our community chat feature lets you connect with other nurses from around the United Kingdom. Share your experiences, ask each other for advice, or just chat about your day. And when you're looking for something to read, our lifestyle magazine for nurses by nurses, has all the latest news and trends.

HAYDEN is a positive community space for both independent/business nurses who work in all sectors and NHS nurses. Together we are one community The presentation will focus on  2 main areas:

1.       Identify how nursing has been  impacted and what lessons can be learned from this experience. It will explore how nursing can be improved in the future to better prepare for similar situations.

2.       An  exploration of   the challenges that nurses face and the opportunities they have to make a positive impact primarily on themselves  to enhance client/patient  care.

3.       Examine how nurses can gain support from a self-made  professional community health and wellness  journey

This motivational presentation articulates lessons learned  into a positive outcome. So, what are you waiting for, be part of this journey to turn this concept into reality. Join HAYDEN today and start living your best life!

Gina Pitts, Nurse Practitioner - Marvac Health Limited

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