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How to get the Best of your FCP

11 Oct 2023
Business Services Hub
How to get the Best of your FCP

It's great to share the successful strategy for optimizing AARS-funded staffing and achieving positive outcomes for PCNs. Here are some steps you can take to help your teams achieve similar results by using the "Design, Deliver, and Mentor" strategy effectively. 

We can share educational materials, templates, and toolkits that PCNs can use as references when implementing our strategy. This includes documentation, workflow guides, and sharing best practices.

Happy to share our success stories and assist in optimise AARS-funded staffing for your PCN. We can share the importance of ongoing assessment, adaptation, and continuous evaluation of our staffing models and make necessary adjustments to achieve better results.

By actively sharing our expertise, offering support, and creating resources, we can help other PCNs replicate our success in optimizing AARS-funded staffing and ultimately improve healthcare services across the country.

Xavier Rajarathnam, Founder and Director - Xcel Health FCP

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