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13 Sep 2023

A Forward-Thinking Perspective on Healthcare Leadership: A Review of the Business of Healthcare Podcast with Neil Modha

A Forward-Thinking Perspective on Healthcare Leadership: A Review of the Business of Healthcare Podcast with Neil Modha

In the most recent episode of the "Business of Healthcare" podcast, host Tara Humphrey had the privilege of welcoming back Neil Modha, a seasoned GP clinical theatre chair with a refreshing approach to leadership in the healthcare sector. Throughout the episode, Neil shared his insights and experiences, shedding light on the key ingredients of being a successful GP and a visionary leader. Neil is the one of the chairs of the Best Practice GP Clinical Theatres, we’re looking forward to hearing his insights and knowledge at the event.  

One of Neil's standout qualities as a GP is his remarkable ability to connect with people, listen to their problems, and provide meaningful assistance. His passion for helping others extends beyond the confines of his clinic, as he actively engages with the healthcare community at events like Best Practice, where he continually learns and shares his knowledge. Neil has put in preparation for his role as a chair of our GP Clinical Theatre, he discusses with Tara about how he meticulously plans each session, keeping a name sheet, considering the subject matter, and establishing a personal connection with the topic. This approach allows him to create interactive and engaging sessions that benefit both presenters and audiences alike, so we can assure that he will proactively engage the audience and inspire a lot of involvement.

In discussing his exciting projects, Neil touched on his family's legacy, a general practice that his mother started 30 years ago, serving anywhere from 700 to 30,000 patients. Since November, he has taken on full ownership and is working diligently to stabilise the pharmacy within the practice. Neil has introduced technological innovations, such as the ‘Amanda Doyle’ robot, to streamline medication dispensing, freeing up staff for more personal patient interactions. His efforts highlight the potential of collaboration between general practice and community pharmacy. Do you think that general practice and community pharmacy can work seamlessly together?

Neil also stressed the importance of community pharmacies in maintaining healthcare access, particularly during the COVID-19 pandemic. He pointed out that online pharmacies can't fully replace the vital role of community pharmacies, emphasising the impact on competition, choice, and the overall quality of services when these vital community institutions close. What was your experience of accessing pharmacies during COVID-19?

Neil's dedication extends to training others across the GP centre and pharmacy, even acknowledging the moments of vulnerability in his career when he has shed tears. He knows that revolutionising a service takes time and patience. It’s great to see people who can share success also be vulnerable, it shows that there are challenges but we need to focus our mindset on the wider picture that all these challenges are helping to create.

A fascinating aspect of Neil's life is his role as Deputy Lieutenant, where he represents Prince Charles and promotes positive values associated with the royal family, such as charity and volunteering. He actively engages with different communities, participating in initiatives like the homeless project, where health facilities are provided on a mobile bus.

One of the most compelling aspects of the podcast was Neil's perspective on breaking down barriers in healthcare. Tara proposed a question of linguistics within healthcare, where people can often find themselves referring to community pharmacies and general practice services as ‘us’, and the larger federations as ‘them’. They discussed whether unknowingly these linguistic choices could be creating a divide. Neil eloquently addressed the "them and us" dynamic in the healthcare sector, where different groups often work in isolation. Neil's approach is to encourage cross-sector collaboration, fostering a sense of unity. He emphasises the importance of shared experiences and encourages everyone to think positively and collectively. Have you found yourself using these terms?

Neil's strategic planning process is a continuous journey. He recognises that it's a process of learning, evolving, and harnessing opportunities to benefit the population. He advocates for never-ending learning, reflecting on both successes and failures, and using that knowledge to improve. We’re looking forward to having Neil share some of his knowledge with us at Best Practice Birmingham.

Neil is committed to reducing health inequalities and isn't afraid to take risks when necessary. He believes that sometimes, you must trust your instincts and take a leap of faith, even when not everyone agrees. Have you ever experienced a time where you’ve gone against advice based on your own intuitive feelings?

As the NHS evolves, Neil naturally evolves with it. He recognises the need for more resources in the pharmacy business and actively takes on leadership roles to break down barriers. He is keen to learn from key figures about the future of primary care networks and hopes for a signal that progress is ongoing. His vision of PCNs as a positive force, with multiple practices working together, showcases his commitment to the future of healthcare.

Neil Modha's insights in this Business of Healthcare podcast episode offer a fresh and inspiring perspective on healthcare leadership. His dedication to breaking down barriers, fostering collaboration, and continuously learning and innovating demonstrates his commitment to improving healthcare outcomes for all. Neil is a true advocate for positive change in the healthcare industry, and his experiences and values provide valuable lessons for both seasoned professionals and aspiring leaders in the field and we can’t wait to hear his expertise and positivity at Best Practice Birmingham.

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