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Accelerating digital care transformation via frontline general practice nurses

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Accelerating digital care transformation via frontline general practice nurses

10 Oct 2019
Nursing Theatre 2
Digital Transformation in Primary Care

1. Digital upskilling is key to drive adoption of technology-enabled care services by general practice nurses (GPNs) so that they are able to provide routine services for patients via apps, video-consultation, telehealth, social media, GP Online access and other technology enabled care.
2. Benefits include: enhanced productivity (practice teams); patient empowerment to self care and thus improved clinical outcomes; minimised unwarranted clinical variation; increased patient convenience.
3. Choice of digital modes of delivery depend on purpose eg GPNs attending digital nurse upskilling action learning all welcomed adoption of the ‘AliveCor Kardia’ device for atrial fibrillation screening (handheld one lead ECG heart rate monitor).

  • 1. Technology enabled care services (TECS) code of practice-endorsed by Staffordshire digital workstream board in 2017
  • 2. TECS protocols for videoconsultation
  • 3. How to do it guides- Facebook, Videoconsultation
  • All can be adopted or adapted by other areas – available on www.cliniTECS.uk and free to download.
  • 4. Understanding of the 7Cs/own action plan to address: competence, capability, capacity, confidence, creativity, communication, continuity.
Rachel Hatfield, Digital Upskilling Programme National Manager - Staffordshire STP
Ann Hughes, General practice nurse lead for technology enabled care services programme, Staffordshire STP - Staffordshire STP
Ruth Chambers OBE, Clinical Lead for Technology Enabled Care Services - Staffordshire STP