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Wound Management

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Wound Management

10 Oct 2019
Nursing Theatre 1

A workshop that will consider the cost and impact of wound care on the NHS and the comparison to other high costs treatments and where wound care generally takes place.
The structure of the skin will be discussed and the effects and impact of aging which will influence wound healing.
An understanding of the different types of wound a person may present with and the difference between primary and secondary intention wound care/healing.
Discussion about assessing a wound bed and understanding the different stages of healing as this is an essential part of wound care management and understanding the importance of maximising healing by optimising the best wound bed environment in order to promote healing.
An understanding of choosing the best dressing to promote healing.

  • To consider the cost and impact of wound care on the NHS
  • The structure of the skin and effects of aging
  • Assessing the wound bed
  • Choosing the best dressing to optimise and promote healing
Janine Lane, Annie Barr Associate - Annie Barr International