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Management of diabetes in palliative care

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Management of diabetes in palliative care

09 Oct 2019
Nursing Theatre 1

This session will cover:
An overview of diabetes and end of life
A summary of the general principles of diabetes care when supporting someone in the last year of life
Blood glucose targets: what should they be?
Managing diabetes-related medications
Introducing the End of Life Diabetes Care Recommendations document

  • TREND-UK was involved in the development and subsequent revision of the “End of Life Diabetes Care: Clinical Care Recommendations. 3rd edition March 2018” document which is available on the TREND-UK website (www.trend-uk.org/resources). TREND-UK has many useful resources including leaflets for people with diabetes, and guidelines for nurses on a number of diabetes topics. The resources page can be found on the TREND-UK website: registration is free of charge.
Jill Hill, Independent Diabetes Nurse Consultant - TREND-UK