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Mitigating Clinical Variation and Improving Quality of Care

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Mitigating Clinical Variation and Improving Quality of Care

09 Oct 2019
Best Practice Workshop Theatre

Through regular audit, feedback and ongoing support of our national panel of GPs, we have mitigated unwarranted clinical variation (UCV) and enabled the delivery of robust, high quality clinical care to our patients. Recognising the national drive to improve care and limit the poorer outcomes associated with UCV, we used our unique position as a national GP provider to help drive a culture of quality with the ongoing support of our excellent panel of GPs. We found our patient satisfaction improved with the service, through delivery of consistent messages and care that is clinically needed and not simply "wanted". With review, support, and modifications to practice, delivery of consistent high quality care is possible on a national scale.

  • - How to achieve a culture of change
  • - The positive benefits of mitigating UCV for patients and the organisation
  • - The benefits of clear and focussed feedback to clinicians
  • - The power of rapid cycle clinical audit reviews
Dan Bunstone, Chief Medical Officer - Push Doctor