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Next generation - what does the future hold?

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Next generation - what does the future hold?

09 Oct 2019
NAPC Keynote

The transformational change taking place in primary care is leading to a very different environment for the next generation of people entering the profession, presenting exciting opportunities as well as new challenges. The session will focus on the impact of primary care networks on the sector and the expansion of integrated working with multi professional teams from multiple organisations.

Join the session to hear the aspirations of emerging leaders, how they can overcome obstacles, leadership styles needed in the new environment and how the NHS can retain and lure the best people across the new evolving primary care landscape. The session will hear NHS England’s view on the opportunities for general practice nursing as part of the 10 point action plan and from Next Generation GP on the sustainability of the profession. By 2020, there could be as many as 1,000 physician associates working in primary care,  the session will hear how this new breed of healthcare professional is fitting in and the future for practice managers in the world of PCNs.

Thuva Amuthan, GP Registrar - West Midlands and Next Generation GP
Tracy Dell, Practice Manager and Diploma Student - Plane Trees Group Practice
Michelle Chapman, Vice President - Faculty of Physician Associates (FPA)
Karen Storey, Primary Care Nursing Lead - NHS England and NHS Improvement