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Primary care premises development: The good, the bad and the ugly. Part 3: the ugly

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Primary care premises development: The good, the bad and the ugly. Part 3: the ugly

10 Oct 2019
Primary Care Support Hub

This series of three practical workshops will delve into The Good, The Bad and The Ugly of GP premises development with concrete advice on how to ensure your Leasehold GP premises are fit for the future.
GP leaders have warned that solving the GP premises crisis is critical to the success of the new Primary Care Networks (PCNs). PCNs in turn will play a major role in delivering the vision for fully integrated, multi-disciplinary care, outlined in the NHS Long Term Plan. However, inadequate premises pose a major obstacle to progress.
The GP Premises Review, published in June, proposes solutions to some of the big challenges around GP premises, including ownership and financial risk, rent reviews and the risk of crippling service charges. Over the course of three sessions, our expert speakers will evaluate some of these solutions and offer case-based advice to support GP practices and PCNs to successfully transform their Leasehold premises, despite substantial hurdles. There will be plenty of tips on the factors that can make or break your surgery improvement plans and how you can maximise your chances of success. Take this opportunity to question GP premises experts who are busy right now working on innovative primary care premises projects that support the ambitious new direction of travel for general practice.

  • This session will focus on some of the less positive elements of new primary care centres that have become apparent over recent years, covering two main problem areas and what to do about them:
  • •Rent Reviews: Paula Mace, Director, Head of Healthcare Valuation, Deputy Head of Healthcare, Aitchison Raffety, will focus on the problem of unagreed and delayed rent reviews, resulting in huge backlogs and costs to the GP tenant, NHS and landlord. Paula will highlight the poor procedures and potential solutions proposed through the release of the new Primary Care Premises Forum Guidance on Rent Reviews.
  • •Service Charges: James Young, Head of Property Management for Primary Health Properties PLC, will look at some of the pitfalls of poorly run and administered service charges and how this can lead to substantial overcharging. He will also explain how service charges should work and how they can be applied fairly.
John Hearle, Medical Premises Consultant and Joint-chair - Primary Care Premises Forum
Paula Mace, Director and Deputy Head of Healthcare - Aitchison Raffety
James Young, Director, Property Management - Nexus