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Sepsis - the never ending journey of resilience

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Sepsis - the never ending journey of resilience

10 Oct 2019
GP Clinical Theatre 2

In 1999 Tom was a healthy, happy family man when disaster struck. Sepsis ravaged his body and the delay in diagnosis led to quadruple limb amputations and part of his face. Nic, Tom's wife, gave birth to their second child while Tom remained in a five month coma. When Tom awoke he did not recognise Nic and had to be introduced to both his children. Many months of rehabilitation and struggling to come to terms with their complete change in circumstances, Tom and Nic had to completely reorganise their lives and to manage the consequences of the long term impact of sepsis. Pippa Bagnall (clinician) has formed a partnership with Tom and Nic and the trio raise awareness about sepsis and the importance of early diagnosis. They also share insights in to resilience in order to give people time to think how they manage their own personal and professional challenges. Tom, Nic and Pippa are calling for training for everyone who works in the health and social care system and are particularly keen to engage with people in the community to improve early diagnosis and long-term care for survivors

Pippa Bagnall, Clinician and Executive Director - Resilience + Co
Nicola Ray, Wife, Mother and Carer - .
Tom Ray, Sepsis Survivor - .