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What Dietitians do in primary care

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What Dietitians do in primary care

09 Oct 2019
Best Practice Workshop Theatre
Workforce Development

How dietitians working in Somerset primary care have used innovation in patient pathways as well as expanding their reach with the use of transformative digital technology including the use of education-based webinars and podcasts for both patients and healthcare professionals

  • 1.The importance of having dietetic-led specialist 1-1 gastroenterology clinics in primary care
  • 2.How webinars have proved more effective than traditional group sessions with IBS patients
  • 3.Should webinars could be part of GP patient prescription?
  • 4.Could the use of webinars for many medical areas revolutionise patient education and reduce the burden on the NHS in both primary and secondary care?
Marianne Williams, Specialist Gastroenterology Community Dietitian - Somerset Partnership NHS Foundation Trust
Mary Hickson, Professor of Dietetics - University of Plymouth