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Hot Topics Urgent Care

10 Oct 2019
Best Practice Workshop Theatre

A snapshot of our Urgent Care Course - Acute clinical practice for both in and out of hours care.
The course is a truly multidisciplinary, evidence based update in acute patient management, covering national and international literature/ guidelines to ensure you are providing the most up to date evidence informed patient care
The NB Medical Urgent Care Course is designed for all health care professionals who see patients acutely, in or out of hours. This includes GPs, ECPs, ANPs, paramedics, nurses and pharmacists in primary care, but also secondary care health professionals seeing ambulatory patients in A&E / ACC environments whose final destination is back in the community

  • - A 73 year old presents with 6 hours of severe abdominal pain but is now pain free. What would you do and what is the diagnosis?
  • - Migraine - What are the most effective treatment options?
  • - Pyelonephritis - New prescribing guidance and why Quinolones have fallen out of favour.
Mark Hadden, Urgent Care Lead - NB Medical Education