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Succeeding as a practice manager in the new world of Primary Care Networks

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Succeeding as a practice manager in the new world of Primary Care Networks

10 Oct 2019
Primary Care Support Hub

The launch of Primary Care Networks (PCNs) across England is potentially a game-changer for practice managers. In addition to the crucial operational function that they perform on a daily basis, increasingly practice managers will be able to opt to take on a more strategic role in the development of their PCN. While the majority of PCN Directors posts are filled by GPs, in reality practice managers will be heavily relied upon to drive forward the PCN agenda, playing a key role in putting plans into action and developing the relationships that will underpin their success.
However, for those practice managers aspiring to move from a transactional role within their practice to a transformational role within their PCN, there are urgent training and personal development needs that up to this point have never been addressed. For a start, practice managers will find themselves overseeing an increasingly complex workforce that in itself calls for a different style of leadership.
Our panel, led by Sheinaz Stansfield, a practice manager who has been appointed Transformation Director of her PCN, will explore the new demands that are being placed on Practice Managers and the support that will be available to help them succeed in the new world of PCNs.

Sheinaz Stansfield, Director of Transformation - BOTRR PCN
Tracy Dell, Practice Manager and Diploma Student - Plane Trees Group Practice
Caroline Rollings, NAPC PCH Faculty Member and Former Managing Partner - Newport Pagnell Primary Care Home