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Unravelling social prescribing

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Unravelling social prescribing

09 Oct 2019
NAPC Keynote

This session will explore the concept of social prescribing which enables GPs and other health professionals to refer people to non-clinical services available locally, recognising that their health is impacted by a range of social, economic and environmental factors. But there are many different terms used – including link workers, care navigators and health connectors – and social prescribing is just one element of personalised care. The session is an opportunity for experts in the field to provide clarity on how social prescribing can be successfully implemented and the benefits and evidence on improving health and wellbeing outcomes.

Kathy Clark, Patient - East Mendip Primary Care Home
Kathy Hoffman, GP and Diabetes Clinical Lead - Buckinghamshire CCG
Mark Spencer, GP and Lead - Healthier Fleetwood Primary Care Home
Simon Chapman, Deputy Director for Personalised Care - NHS England and NHS Improvement
Christiana Melam, Chief Executive - National Association of Link Workers