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Leadership for transformation

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Leadership for transformation

09 Oct 2019
NAPC Keynote

This session will explore the importance of effective leadership in the transformation of primary care, particularly primary care networks and the integration of services. The session will examine the findings of an independent report by The King’s Fund, Insights from the spread of primary care home, which looked at the spread of the primary care home model – an established primary care network that has informed national PCN policy. According to the report, primary care homes brought an enabling form of leadership – one that is organic, locally-led, practical, not top down that empowered colleagues and created a culture of compassion and valuing staff. The session will discuss the merits of this form of leadership and how the approach can be applied across primary care. The session will include insights from PCHs that were interviewed in the report.

Ned Naylor, Director of Primary Care Provider Transformation - NHS England and NHS Improvement
Gerard Newnham, Strategy Director - Granta Primary Care Home
Caroline Rollings, NAPC PCH Faculty Member and Former Managing Partner - Newport Pagnell Primary Care Home
Stewart Smith, Medical Director - St Austell Healthcare Primary Home
Nav Chana MBE, National Primary Care Home Clinical Director - NAPC