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The future of primary care: 2020 and beyond

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The future of primary care: 2020 and beyond

10 Oct 2019
NAPC Keynote

This session will examine some of the biggest changes that are taking place in primary care and what they mean for the immediate and long-term future of the sector. We are already seeing transformation in action with the rapid development of primary care networks, the focus on integrated care and systems, as well as organisations, beginning to take a population health management approach. As part of the GP contract, primary care networks are asked to achieve a number of milestones, with new services being introduced from 2020. Discussions will focus on what’s next for primary care amid all the political uncertainty, the impact of the current transformation on workforce challenges, sustainability, leadership, and integration with community-based services and overall progress towards achieving the vision of the NHS Long Term Plan.

Neil Tester, Director - Richmond Group
Niall Dickson, Chief Executive - NHS Confederation
Karen Kirkham, Senior Medical Advisor Primary Care Provider development NHSE/I - NHS England
Prerana Issar, Chief People Officer - NHS Improvement and NHS England
Nav Chana MBE, National Primary Care Home Clinical Director - NAPC