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PCN partners – maximising the contribution of first contact care

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PCN partners – maximising the contribution of first contact care

10 Oct 2019
NAPC Keynote

This session will explore the extent to which first contact care providers – general practice, pharmacy, dentistry, eye and hearing services – have made progress towards collaboration and integration with primary care networks and the potential for greater work in future with improved health outcomes. In some areas progress has been evident where relationships have previously been made with primary care homes and super practices to support patients with long term conditions, prevent ill health as well as improve oral health outcomes for young children and older people. But it is still widely recognised that there’s an untapped potential to make better use of the skills of first contact care professionals across primary care particularly to help relieve the strain on the urgent health system.

Mark Georgevic, Non-Executive Director and former Chair - National Community Hearing Association (NCHA)
Bruce Warner, Deputy Chief Pharmaceutical Officer - NHS England & NHS Improvment
Johnny Marshall OBE, President - NAPC
Zoe Richmond, Interim Clinical Director - LOCSU
Eric Rooney, Chief Dental Officer - NHS England
Ash Soni OBE, Council Member - NAPC