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Integrating community pharmacy services within primary care networks

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Integrating community pharmacy services within primary care networks

09 Oct 2019
NAPC Primary Care Networks in Action Theatre

This session will explore the challenges and opportunities around integrating community pharmacy with primary care networks. NAPC’ guide to community pharmacy integration within primary care homes shows what is possible for greater integration making greater use of pharmacists’ skills and taking a population management approach. We have seen primary care homes join forces with their community pharmacies on flu vaccination campaigns, develop an integrated approach to managing patients with long-term conditions and work together to reduce polypharmacy. The session will discuss how this learning can be applied across primary care networks and the NAPC’s next steps in supporting the drive for further community pharmacy integration in light of both the NHS Long Term Plan and the new community pharmacy contractual framework. Join the session to hear the approach being taken in Newham including their award winning pre-TB extended primary care service – a general practice and community pharmacy partnership with shared IT system to reduce rates of tuberculosis.

Jignesh Patel, Pharmacist Independent Prescriber - Rohpharm Pharmacy
Farzana Hussain, GP - The Project Surgery, Newham
Ash Soni OBE, Council Member - NAPC