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Harmony and Health Singers (Healthier Fleetwood Primary Care Home)

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Harmony and Health Singers (Healthier Fleetwood Primary Care Home)

09 Oct 2019
NAPC Primary Care Networks in Action Theatre

The first Harmony and Health Singing Group started in 2017 with 10 people getting together to sing for fun as part of the Healthier Fleetwood community movement in Lancashire that was born a year earlier. Since then it’s taken off – there are now more than 200 members with four singing groups across four venues. The group is not a choir, it is all about having fun, making friends and feeling healthier and happier. Many members who felt isolated before and didn’t go out now attend regularly and new relationships and social groups have formed. Come and join the more than a dozen singers who’ve travelled to the conference to sing and tell their stories of how Healthier Fleetwood has empowered them to take control of their health and their lives. Warning this is an immersive session – you will be asked to join in!