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Social prescribing - what it means for nursing

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Social prescribing - what it means for nursing

10 Oct 2019
Nursing Theatre 2

With the introduction of the new NHS Long term plan; and the creation of Primary Care Networks social prescribing is well and truly in the spotlight and soon all GP practices will have a Social Prescribing "Link Worker". This has potential to be an excellent resource for all nurses and this presentation will look at what social prescrbing is; how nurses can get involved, where Social prescrbing fits in the new NHS "Comprehensive Model for Primary Care and a look at some of the evidence around social prescribing.

  • Understanding of Social Prescribing
  • What the benefits are for both patients and nurses
  • Social Prescrbing and the "Comprehensive Model for Personalised Care"
  • Does Social Prescrbing work? The evidence so far.
Joyce Pickering, Nurse Manager, CQC Specialist Advisor, Clinical Educator - RCN