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How to build a robust PCN?

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How to build a robust PCN?

10 Oct 2019
Primary Care Support Hub

So what should you be covering in your PCN Agreement, and what are the pitfalls?  This presentation will explain the legal implications of a PCN Agreement and go through the key points to cover in a PCN Agreement.  It will consider why some models work better than others.  It will take you through scenarios to consider and see if your PCN Agreement would help you through them.  

How do non-core members fit in, and what additional considerations are there?  We will explore some of the issues which need to be addressed when other healthcare providers join your PCN. 

Should you be considering incorporation of the PCN?  We will take you through the advantages and disadvantages, as well as the process of incorporation.

  • From the session, attendees will understand:
  • the strengths and weaknesses in each PCN model
  • what a robust PCN Agreement should include
  • why forming a company should be considered
Justin Cumberlege, Partner - Hempsons
Ross Clark, Partner - Hempsons