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The digital helpdesk: Expert support for the technology challenges facing your practice and PCN

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The digital helpdesk: Expert support for the technology challenges facing your practice and PCN

09 Oct 2019
Primary Care Support Hub

Primary care has been subject to remarkable pace of change in recent years. It seems that NHSE has leapt forward with its strategy to embrace technology and support innovation. However, adoption in many GP practices, PCNs and STPs/ICSs has been challenging. With plans for NHSX’s new £250m AI Lab grabbing headlines, how can general practice ensure it is not left behind in the NHS digital revolution?

In this practical Q&A session our panel will share their trials, tribulations and tips on three broad themes.

  • Have we got the basics right? Shiny new things are all very well but it’s no good trying to run before you can walk. Folders of faxes, wavering WiFi and a smattering of systems slowing you down? Perhaps if we could fix some of these issues, it would free up more time to do some of the cooler stuff.
  • Is your environment or culture holding you back? How can we embrace increasingly eclectic skill mix to support innovation and creativity?
  • What’s on the horizon? Artificial Intelligence, Apps and Robots. Fact or fiction?
  • Our panel will also discuss some of the big, thematic issues that stand in the way of delivering digital-first primary care, including:
  • •Change management – the human factor/putting people before technology
  • •Problems encountered when new technology for the NHS is designed by IT professionals and not clinicians – like trying to fit a square peg into a round hole.
  • •Finance and proving value for your new digital technologies and innovations
  • •Scaling up new technologies across PCNs, STPs and ICSs
  • •Barriers to adoption and how NHSX can help overcome them, including:
  • -Overcoming the ‘not invented here’ syndrome
  • -How can digital providers get new technologies into an NHS that is so fragmented with multiple bosses?
  • -Complexity of NHS politics - for example, where does the new NHS App fit alongside other providers of online consultations?
Nina Jhita, Director of Integration - Modality Group
Masood Nazir, Associate CCIO for Primary Care Digital Transformation Programme - NHSx (NHS England and NHS Improvement)
Aumran Tahir, GP Founder & Director; Director Lead Quality Improvement and Chief Clinical Information Officer - AT Medics