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Type 2 diabetes - nailing the nine care processes

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Type 2 diabetes - nailing the nine care processes

10 Oct 2019
GP Clinical Theatre 1

The annual review is the essential foundation for all effective diabetes care in both GP and specialist services, and all people with diabetes aged 12 years and over should receive all of the nine NICE recommended care processes as well as attend a structured education programme shortly after diagnosis. However, there is striking geographic variation evident between similar General Practices within CCGs/LHBs. In particular, younger people with type 2 diabetes continue to be less likely to receive their annual diabetes checks than their older counterparts. A summary of the findings from the most recent national diabetes audit will be discussed to triangulate these observations

  • 1. What are the 9 NICE recommended care processes?
  • 2. Structured and opportunistic education for type 2 diabetes
  • 3.How can we improve delivery of these care processes in primary care?
Beverley Bostock-Cox, Queens Nurse, CV nurse and PCCS committee - .
Kevin Fernando, GP Partner - North Berwick Health Centre