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Hot topics in paediatrics

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Hot topics in paediatrics

09 Oct 2019
GP Clinical Theatre 2

Topics covered by brief focussed updates relevant to clinical practice include:
• What’s new when assessing the febrile child including risks of invasive bacterial illness in babies, identification of paediatric sepsis, consideration of prolonged fever and Kawasaki disease, updated NICE guidance and HPV vaccination for boys
• Medically unexplained symptoms with updates on recognition / management of paediatric chronic fatigue syndrome, hypermobility syndrome (hEDS) and fabricated - induced illness
• Childhood leukaemia: early recognition and new therapies
• Paediatric food allergy: identification using EATERS questionnaire, distinguishing between IgE and non-IgE reactions and anaphylaxis.

  • * Combine recording of vital signs in identification of risk of sepsis but include behavioural factors such as leg pain
  • * HPV immunization for Year 8 boys
  • * Awareness of Kawasaki Disease as cause for a prolonged febrile illness - the need for earlier recognition of this condition
  • * Medically unexplained symptoms may obscure fabricated or induced disease
  • * The introduction of personalized immunotherapy for childhood leukaemia has arrived
  • * Differentiating children with food allergy using the EATERS assessment
Kevin Barrett, Chair - Primary Care Society for Gastroenterology
Andrew Winrow, Consultant Paediatrician - Kingston Hospital NHS Foundation Trust