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Exhibitor Press Releases


Exhibitor Press Releases

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  • Brexit Stock Locator

    25 Sep 2018

    Wavedata have been collecting information about the offers made to retail pharmacists and dispensing doctors since 2000. This allows us to not only know who has stock and what price they are charging, but how the price is changing over time.

    Wavedata are planning a new website which will allow users to see which suppliers have stock, and whether or not there is a supply problem.

    This will help customers find precious medical products as we go through Brexit and beyond.

  • Best Practice Show Release

    17 Sep 2018 Rachel Webster
    AAH Dispensing Doctors has been providing dedicated support to Practices across the UK for more than 30 years. For all dispensing and supply needs, AAH Dispensing Doctors has the knowledge, experience ...
  • Sarah McNulty, Management Assistant explains previous frustrations with training and how Bridport Medical Centre transformed staff learning by selecting the right digital solution.

  • BD support services

    11 Oct 2017
    In addition to its product range BD provides value-add in the form of regularly updated and comprehensive support and education both to patients and healthcare professionals. Through the education pla ...
  • A joint venture between IntraHealth and the CDDFT pain service was submitted as a poster presentation to the recent International Compassionate Mind Foundation Conference in Manchester and was awarded first prize. The initiative trialled the feasibility of a group for people with chronic care being provided within a GP surgery (IntraHealth Hallgarth Surgery). The initiative comprised a series of eight, 2 hour sessions, held at weekly intervals. The group utilised Compassionate Mind Training and Mindfulness and was run by Dr Armitage, who is a psychologist with the CDDFT specialist pain service, and Dr McGarrity from IntraHealth.
  • Transatlantic collaboration between the London-based medical Artificial Intelligence (AI) company and the Royal College of Physicians, Stanford Primary Care and Yale New Haven Health yields significant breakthrough