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27 Sep 2023

Boost Immunisation Rates

Caja Hall: 4 Stand: E124


Immunisation prevents 3.5-5 million deaths annually from diseases like Influenza and COVID-19, making it a vital part of primary healthcare. 

Each year, it is important that as many vulnerable members of society are vaccinated against influenza as possible. In these groups, influenza can lead to hospital stays, serious illness, and even death. In care home environments in particular, the virus can quickly spread, leading to widespread outbreaks. 


However, despite rates of the virus being higher in the 2022/23 winter months than in 2021/22, national uptake of influenza vaccinations was lower in all at risk groups. Additionally, less than 20% of adult social care staff in England have been vaccinated against influenza – coinciding with the virus placing significant stress on the NHS and a notable shortage in the social care workforce. 


 What is Behavioural Science? 

Behavioural science is a multi-disciplinary approach to studying how people behave and make choices that brings together methods from various fields and disciplines including psychology, economics, data analytics, and service improvement. At its core, it involves understanding decision-making processes at an individual level to guide the development of interventions that support people to make positive choices for themselves and wider society, without limiting their ability to choose freely. 


 How Behavioural Science Can Help You 

Caja has significant experience in applying principles from behavioural science to create tangible shifts in vaccine uptake across diverse populations. Here is how we could help you achieve potentially life changing results in your context: 


·       Understanding the local context through our Insights360™ data analytics dashboard. 

·       Identifying behavioural barriers to uptake using the COM-B model of behaviour. 

·       Reviewing existing materials and literature to inform our overall behaviour change approach. 

·       Mapping processes and choices to highlight the optimal points of influence. 

·       Designing and implementing innovative and cost-effective nudge interventions.



Our CognitivQI™ methodology is rooted in experience from the successful work we have undertaken across a number of industries in both public and private sectors. The method draws together a number of key theories and techniques into a structured approach to designing behavioural interventions that can guide and support both staff and customers to make choices that generate positive outcomes. 


CognitivQI™ combines applied behavioural science with advanced data analytics and proven service improvement techniques to develop actionable solutions to a variety of behavioural challenges. Applications can be quite wide ranging; from influencing the buying decisions of customers to increasing or decreasing the uptake of services in the public sector. 


This methodology has been the bedrock of our previous successful work in developing behavioural interventions to support primary care, Public Health, and secondary schools to increase uptake of a number of different immunisations.


Success Stories


·       Increased uptake of Td-IPV booster vaccines by 24%

·       Increased first-dose COVID-19 vaccines by 10%

·       Increased uptake of HPV vaccines by up to 20% 

·       Increased uptake of MenACWY vaccines by 24%


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