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03 Jul 2023


Silicon Practice Hall: 4 Stand: RA20
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Foundation Foundation Foundation

Foundation - the digital core of your Practice

Looking for an NHS-themed site which provides key information to patients at a glance but still keeps you in control? Foundation is the answer.

Tailor information blocks to your site while retaining the NHS look and feel. Enhance your Foundation experience by adding Silicon Practice advanced dashboards.


Foundation features:

  • Conforms to NHS Web Guidelines - Foundation sites are targeted to achieve a 98% rating of the top NHS benchmark at launch
  • WCAG 2.1 Level AA Compliant - We prioritise meeting the highest WCAG guidelines, to ensure that all patients, regardless of sight, hearing, or mobility issues, can access our digital resources conveniently and inclusively
  • Specialised NHS Blocks - NHS Blocks allow you to present pre-set Cards of information in concise, eye-grabbing formats and easily group related topics and links together
  • Mobile First Design - Designed as mobile first, but equally at home on tablets, laptops and desktops
  • Integration with NHS Self-Help Information - Optimise patient care with effortless signposting through seamless integration with NHS Self-Help Information
  • Simplified Drag & Drop Editing - Instantly make changes without technical knowledge ― these can be reflected across every site in the ICS, locality or PCN
  • Easy to navigate Interface - Uncluttered and proven interface enables patients to complete tasks rapidly
  • NHS Driven - Foundation sites reflect NHS guidelines for providing online consultations and the latest healthcare advice while having the potential for so much more


Foundation can also provide you with extra features to make your system future-proof:

  • Advanced dashboard - Already trusted and in use by hundreds of practices daily, the latest Silicon Practice dashboard enables patient verification against PDS and full auditing of actions
  • Editing Facility - Choose between updating news and other text changes yourself* or choosing a package so that our experienced team carries these out for you. *Video support and online training available
  • Forms - Choose from our suite of 50+ pre-built forms — everything from registering patients online to recording blood pressure and other health reviews, fit note requests and cancelling appointments. Practice can restrict access out of hours or when exceptionally busy
  • Advanced integration with EMIS/SystmOne - Send an episode directly from the dashboard to the patient record, send SNOMED-CT coded data into the clinical system, send attachments such as images into the clinical system, enable patient verification against the PDS
  • eHub - Create additional dashboards for collaborative working with pharmacies, physios or care homes. Requests can be handled centrally but the practice can still track progress, schedule and route requests
  • Video consultations - Start video consultations directly from the dashboard, inviting patients by SMS or email. Clinician is always in full control of consultation, can notify patients of delays, take screenshots and make notes

3 key benefits of Foundation:

Key Benefit 1: Effortless Patient Engagement: Foundation offers seamless integration with NHS guidelines, providing an uncluttered and user-friendly interface that allows patients to conveniently access crucial healthcare information, resources, and services.

Key Benefit 2: Customised and Inclusive Design: Foundation prioritises inclusivity by adhering to WCAG 2.1 Level AA compliance, ensuring that all patients, regardless of disabilities, can easily navigate and interact with the digital platform. The ability to tailor information blocks while retaining the NHS look and feel enhances the user experience.

Key Benefit 3: Streamlined Clinical Workflow: Through advanced features like drag-and-drop editing, specialised NHS blocks, and integration with EMIS/SystmOne, Foundation facilitates efficient management of patient data, forms, appointments, and even video consultations. This helps healthcare professionals save time, improve patient care, and stay up-to-date with the latest healthcare advice.

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