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Nestlé Health Science UK

Stand: B112
  • Nutrition
  • Prescription Medicines

Nestlé Health Science was founded in 2011 by people passionate about nutrition and the role it can play in empowering healthier lives. In the UK, our products support patients living with many conditions including paediatric food allergies, dysphagia, malnutrition, enteral feeding, inflammatory bowel conditions, diabetes, cerebral palsy, and oncology.


1 City Place, Gatwick
United Kingdom

Contact Exhibitor

Contact Exhibitor

  • SMA LF® is a lactose-free infant milk for babies who are lactose intolerant, or who are experiencing symptoms such as diarrhoea, tummy ache or wind caused by temporary lactose intolerance. SMA® LF Lac ...
  • SMA® Comfort is a nutritionally complete formula specifically designed for the dietary management of colic and constipation. It is a thickened formula and may require a fast flow teat. Do not use with ...
  • Reflux affects over 40% of babies in the first year of life. Reflux often occurs because a baby’s digestive system is immature. SMA® Anti-Reflux is a nutritionally complete formula for the dietary man ...
  • SMA® Soya Infant Formula is a nutritionally complete* soya infant formula for babies and young children with a cows’ milk intolerance, when they are not being breastfed.    SMA® Soya Infant Formula ca ...
  • Resource® ThickenUp® Clear is a xanthan gum based instant food and drink thickener. It is a Food for Special Medical Purposes for the dietary management of patients with swallowing difficulties and mu ...
  • The Nestlé Health Science range of hypoallergenic nutritional solutions, SMA Althéra and SMA Alfamino, are tailor-made to help meet the specific nutritional needs of non-breastfed infants with Cow's M ...

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