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Clinical Directors Summit

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Clinical Directors Summit

New Clinical Directors Summit launched at Best Practice and Best Practice in Nursing 2019


With the introduction of the Five Year Forward View (2014) and subsequently the Investment and Evolution: A five-year framework for GP contract reform to implement The NHS Long Term Plan, the NHS has seen the biggest system change with most of the reforms expected to take place in primary care being supported in Primary Care Networks (PCNs).

We are delighted to be working with Tumsilla Sethi, Director of PCN Transformation, Darren Blake, Chief Operating Officer and Helen Goodrum, Primary Care Commissioning & Quality Lead, NHS Croydon CCG, all Bexley Health Neighbourhood Care to produce this exciting and practical Summit for the newly created leaders at PCNs.

To ensure long term sustainability with the wider Health & Social Care System, the NHS Long Term Plan states local health systems need to work more closely together with PCNs forming a key building block of the NHS long-term plan and a new way of working with Integrated Care Systems (ICS) providing a range of services to patients integrated through a Place-Based system through a population health model. To meet the needs of a changing population, adopt vital innovations, redesign, for greater sustainability and support increasing personalised and integrated care, PCNs will need to evolve the way they work ensuring they work with local community assets and partnering with local authorities and the community and voluntary sector and wider primary care.

With the leadership to deliver these reforms coming from within PCNs, the newly appointed Clinical Directors are now thrust into the fore of supporting and influencing the local ICSs. The Clinical Directors Summit will bring leading experts and people together from across PCNs to share, learn through workshops and guides to influence all aspects of delivering the new reforms as both individual and collective leaders, including a platform to participate in a bespoke locally driven Clinical Directors training programme leaving members of a national peer support programme. Leading speakers have been carefully hand-picked by our conference partners at Bexley Health Neighbourhood Care to provide PCN leaders with all the practical tips and hints they need to meet the increasing demands and quality standards of their patients and the modern NHS.


The full programme will be launched in the coming days however here are a few of the confirmed speakers:

  • Andrea Davis, Head of Qualify and Governance, Bexley Health Neighbourhood Care
  • Helen Goodrum, Primary Care Commissioning & Quality Lead, NHS Croydon CCG
  • Dr Nav Chana, National PCH Clinical Director, National Association of Primary Care
  • Darren Blake, Chief Operating Officer, Bexley Health Neighbourhood Care
  • Brian Dickens, Practice Manager, Parchmore Medical Centre, SW London Health and Care Partnership
  • Dr Raj Patel, Deputy Medical Director of Primary Care NHS England, Medical Director, GP, Senior Clinical Leader, Responsible Officer (Chair), NHS England and NHS Improvement
  • Dr Robert Varnam, Director of Professional Leadership for Improvement, NHS England and NHS Improvement
  • Tumsilla Sethi, Director of PCN Transformation, Bexley Health Neighbourhood Care
  • Dr Karen Kirkham, National Clinical Advisor for Primary Care, NHS England and NHS Improvement
  • Dr Nikita Kanani, Director of Primary Care, NHS England and NHS Improvement


To register for free to attend this exciting new Summit please click this link or contact our dedicate telemarketing team who can register you over the phone:


020 7013 4988


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