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AB Health Group

AB Health Group can provide PPE
· including gloves nitrile/latex and vinyl
· surgical gowns (sterile)
· isolation gowns
· coveralls
· face shields-made in UK
· goggles
· EN14683 masks Type 11 and Type 11R
· Surgical masks
· FFP2, FFP3 masks.
· 3M Masks 1860 and 8210  
·      Thermometers
·      hand sanitizer EN1500 (Non alcohol made in UK-its effective against Covid19 and can be used on surfaces),

Contact: Annie Barr, 0333 335 0044,


KardiaMobile technology allows a clinically validated medical grade Single Lead and Six lead ECG in 30 seconds available in the convenience of a users own home. The ECG can then be shared directly with a health care professional remotely without a patient needing to attend a clinic or a face to face consultation. 

We understand many cardiology clinics are cancelled and ECG access for patients relying on them is difficult or impossible in the UK. Is there opportunity to work with you in the short term to support patients who require an ECG of this level but cannot get access to a clinic to have this with KardiaMobile?

There is also an interest for the use of the KardiaMobile6L technology to evaluate drug-induced arrhythmias for patients, so I wanted to share a recent update as well as the recent press release.

As you are aware prolonged QT can lead to drug-induced sudden cardiac death (DI-SCD), and is a side effect of certain medications being used experimentally in the treatment of COVID-19, including Hydroxychloroquine and Azithromycin.

KardiaMobile 6L is the only, 6-lead personal ECG device in the world. The device can record and display Lead II, which is one of the standards to measure QT and to calculate QTc. As a personal ECG it can help to save increased exposure of healthcare professionals to COVID-19 patients and the need for more personal protective equipment. I would greatly appreciate your insight in identifying areas where the technology could support and I would value your thoughts with how to progress this in the current situation.

The Mayo Clinic issued an emergency guidance and developed their clinical workflow utilising KardiaMobile 6L technology to record ECGs in order to evaluate drug-induced arrhythmias and to modify treatment accordingly. Would the technology be able to support your patient's and institution's, please let me know?

Our mission at AliveCor is to provide accessible cardiological care to those who need it most and we’re proud to play a part in the well-being of those fighting the coronavirus. For reference please see the below links regarding the utilisation of KardiaMobile for QT and I have also attached our medical affairs letter for EU.

Mayo Clinic Proceedings PDF

Electrophysiology PDF


Brandon Medical Co Ltd

Brandon Medical Co Ltd

Brandon Medical Equipment Package COVID 19 
Brandon Medical have supplied equipment for NHS Nightingale Hospital North West, NHS Louisa Jordan and offered consultation on medical gases distribution to Leeds Teaching Hospitals and Leeds University and parts for Mercedes-UCL CPAP machines.

Brandon Medical’s brilliant team of engineers are available to help you find the equipment you need and to install and service this in hospitals across the UK, observing PHE and WHO Covid-19 guidance.

Contact: 0113 277 7393


Cancer Research UK

During the COVID pandemic, robust safety netting is important for patients with suspected cancer. Cancer Research UK can help you.

Contact: Patricia Barnett,

PDF available here

Charles Bloe Training

Charles Bloe Training

We aren’t routinely doing face-to-face training at the moment - we are considering any requests on a case by case basis. However, we have moved a lot of our training programmes online.

Using Zoom platform we are running nurse-led webinars for a lot of clinical and mandatory subjects - these can be complemented by online courses and / or purpose-made videos. We can also create bespoke online courses should that be of interest. We are training registered nurses as well as health care assistants and carers.

This page gives some info re the training we are delivering (of note to practice nurses would be Basic life support and anaphylaxis / immunisation updates see below) :

We have also developed a programme to help upskill senior carers to take on extended roles during the pandemic:

Looking towards the ‘flu season (scarily not too far away) we are soon to advertise a ‘Flu Immunisation Refresher Online Bundle: this will be £40 & VAT and will give access to the following online courses: Influenza, Hep B, Immunisation refresher. The immunisation refresher is a new course which we have authored for Skills For Health.

It fully aligns to the National Minimum Standards and Core Curriculum for Immunisation Training for Registered Healthcare Practitioners. It is broken into 5 modules:

o Module 1: Current Issues in Immunisation and Vaccination

o Module 2: Keeping Up to Date - Vaccines, Legislation and Policies

o Module 3: Immunisation Schedule

o Module 4: Review of Current Practice: Administering the Vaccine

o Module 5: Immunisation and Vaccination 

We also provide immunisation refresher webinars either as standalone or to complement the online programmes. These would be focused around the implications of vaccinating patients in the COVID 19 landscape. 


Clarius Mobile Health

Our new HD Scanner Generation is very interesting in times of COVID-19, since lung ultrasound is essential. 

Due to the wireless technology and waterproof Design we have some strong advantages in comparison to other Systems which lead to this Discussion:

COVID-19 and Lung Ultrasound: Experts Suggest New International Standards
“To reduce contamination and promote sterilization, a wireless probe and tablets are the most appropriate ultrasound equipment because they can be easily wrapped in single-use plastic covers, they recommended. These devices are also less expensive than more traditional machines. Portable machines can be used if wireless equipment is unavailable, but they must be strictly dedicated to COVID-19 patients. Maximum sterilization procedures must be followed for cases, probe, and keyboard covers.”
Read More

My Colleagues provide you with a lot of related COVID-19 Information here:

We can not give Scanner for free, but the Basic Version of almost all HD Scanners is already available for 4450,- € plus Tax.  Just our Endocavity EC7 HD Scanner comes for 6250,-€ plus Tax.  You have a 3-year warranty and a return option of 7 Days after delivery.  

These options are available for 925,-€ each:
- Pulse Wave Doppler
- Needle visualization (for L7 and L15 only)
- Research Elastography 
Now you also have the free and unlimited “Clarius Live” Telemedicine Option on board.
We offer Research options like Raw Data, API and 3D Position Interfaces as well. More details are available here . 

You saw the Image Quality on our product pages, there is more on the Image Gallery and published Clarius Cases.
We also offer Video Tutorials and you might want to see some Clarius User reviews . 
Let me recommend to test our Demo Mode in the Clarius App. 

You will experience the functionality and image quality of our Scanner without having one. Just download our app in the android or apple store and create a test account. This takes just a minute. Click on one Scanner and select a preset to "work" with downloaded original scan loops. Many Functions are implemented already. See the link down below for more details. 

A great way to see our Scanner live is a online presentation in front of the Scanner and Tablet.
Please send me a day and time when this is interesting for you. 
I highly recommend this option due to very positive experience.   
No subscription. Our Scanners come with an encrypted, lifetime free Cloud Account and the telemedicine Option Clarius Live. The App and Updates are free as well. So no additional cost. 

The Scanner package includes a Battery and a fast-charger. I advise ordering some accessories, like a second battery (109,-€), a fan for workshops or presentations (65,-€) a protecting Bag (45,-€) and our Clarius Arm (75,-€) to hold your tablet.

Let me give you some more Infos related to Clarius Scanner and COVID-19:
Infection Control with Clarius
Clarius scanners are IPX rated and fully immersible for cleaning. Click here for a full list of disinfectants that are compatible.
For invasive procedures, such as central line placement, you can fully encase the scanner and smart phone in sterile bags. These Civco and Safersonic covers work well for Clarius Scanners. 
• Civco 610-1212
• Safersonic DAN-33803-NT / DAN-33803-WG
A Guide to Lung Ultrasound for COVID-19 patients
Dr. Kim, an emergency physician in Vancouver, has put together a guide to best practices help Clarius users understand how they can use ultrasound in the screening and monitoring of COVID-19.

Lung Scanning Resources
If you need a quick refresher on lung scanning, visit our lung scanning resource page, which features a video. There are also cases showing pneumonia and COPD.

Clarius Telemedicine is included with your scanner
All Clarius users have access to Clarius Live, which enables you to broadcast real-time ultrasound imaging to any standard web browser on mobile and desktop devices.  This makes it easy to request real-time assistance while performing an ultrasound exam with Clarius.  

Contact: Wolfgang Nöthen, +49 (0) 152 23674140,



We are very keen to ensure our health messaging continues to reach healthcare professionals in these uncertain times. We have created new web content for HCPs - with all the concerns at the moment about cancer symptoms being overlooked and cancer going undiagnosed, we are more keen than ever to ensure our message is getting out to the public.

Contact: Clare O'Neill -




eConsult Health is the UK's leading digital triage solution provider for the NHS. In primary care, over 24 million patients have access to eConsult through their practice website, providing robust, structured patient histories for triaging. eConsult is the first and currently only online consultation provider to integrate into the NHS App and enable NHS login.




Please find the presentation of our fantastic iHealth non contact thermometer.
We get 14 000 pcs per week from our factory, so direct shipping from our warehouse in France.

Click here for the presentation 

Contact: Pascal Le, +,

Invatech Health Ltd

Invatech Health Ltd

Our company ATLAS eMAR provides an electronic medication management tool for carers and nurses in social care.

In response to the Covid 19 to support nurses in nursing homes we have developed the following:

1. A Covid-19 Symptom recording, risk alert and report. Nurses can take reading and record symptoms, they can get email alerts of patients who are at risk and can monitor all their patients via a report that can be printed every day.

2. The symptoms and readings have been made available to other digital platforms via an API. So nurses can view these within the context of the overall care of their patients.

3. To increase the number of staff who can administer medicines safely we have made all our e-learning courses available free of charge.

4. We are sharing our protocol for delegation of the task of medicines administration by nurses to carers. This follows best practice guidelines and has been evaluated by Cardiff University.

Contact: Dr Hooman Safaei PhD MSc,


Locum's Nest

Locum's Nest

We have just released our new Covid-19 Workforce Report which aims to share guidance about accelerating workforce capacity during a pandemic such as Covid-19. In this report, we focus on how our contingent workforce planning technology can assist in rapidly deploying staff where they’re needed the most and covers recruitment, deployment and best practices to leverage the existing workforce which we believe is quite relevant for your members in this context. The report is available to download here.

We’ve opened up our platform for free to support the NHS’ COVID-19 response.
We are determined to open our platform of 30,000+ doctors to as many healthcare organisations as possible to help them meet the unprecedented increase in demand for additional clinician cover during this outbreak.
To achieve this safely and effectively, we are introducing:

1. Free use of our shift-matching software until at least July 2020
2. A dedicated Covid Response Taskforce to rapidly and remotely deploy the software within 5-7 days 
3. Digital recruitment campaigns, to be conducted across all our digital channels for each partner organisation free of charge
4. Temporary, flexible, transparent and non-binding T&Cs to enable rapid and remote deployment

Following national guidance, we are forming regional Covid-19 medical banks across ICS/STPs that will anticipate and support the predicted spike in staff requirements. The banks will minimise disruption to current processes and act as an extra, dynamic resource, allowing the NHS to quickly and safely deploy workforce to where it is needed the most.

Leveraging a unique partnership with, we are able to propagate shift requests across to over 150,000 doctors across the UK with hyper-focussed searches based on grades, specialties etc.

We have also released our Covid-19 Workforce Intelligence Navigator (WIN), allowing NHS organisations to better predict their workforce needs in the coming weeks and months, and enabling them to have the appropriate clinical cover already in place when required.

For the first time, we are triangulating our own user data with government released Covid-19 cases across the UK, and publicly available ICU data, allowing us to help NHS Trusts and hospitals manage their workforce more effectively by matching demand and supply - a critical need during such a pandemic scenario.

So any NHS Trust in the UK will be able to anticipate the number of clinicians they will need and when they will need them, as the pandemic passes through their geography, allowing much better planning, much better provision of services and, naturally, much better patient care.

We are able to deploy the solution at an NHS Organisation level within 5-7 days and form a shared regional Covid-19 bank within 2 weeks.  There is a 40-person strong team that are working as part of the Covid-19 Response Taskforce which comprises former doctors, software engineers, former NHS HR and Medical Directors as well as seasoned technologists, consultants and government officials.
We have transformed the platform to specifically target Covid-19 since mid-March and are working on 48-hourly sprint cycles with the technology, releasing new features and data tools for our NHS partners.  All of this work is done at zero cost to the NHS with non-binding, flexible T&Cs. 



National Care Force

National Care Force

1. This is a free online platform to connect volunteers with local social care providers in their community during the coronavirus outbreak. 

2. Social care is separate from the NHS, and will not see the benefit of any NHS funding or volunteer drive. 

3. The platform works like this:
- Volunteers sign up, listing their skills and experience
- Care organisations sign up, and contact volunteers to ask for help with opportunities at their organisation (eg picking up shopping, driving, making deliveries)

4. Biometric ID checks are performed by Onfido on volunteers during sign up. 

5. The National Care Force is a not-for-profit organisation, with charitable status pending.

The National Care Force has been endorsed by Care England and the National Care Forum.

Quotes from these bodies:

“The National Care Force will be a vital resource for care providers who are navigating through the staffing difficulties caused by the coronavirus" - Martin Green, CEO Care England

“National Care Force has come on line at just the right moment! People around the country will be wondering how they can help those most in need – and this platform will connect up those who can with those who need care and support. Our members absolutely know the essential role that volunteers play in the provision of great care, and we really welcome this initiative to super charge this effort at this time of need.” - Vic Rayner, CEO National Care Forum

Contact: Lara Moore, 020 3911 2557,


OptiBac Probiotics

Would you like to find out more about probiotics? Get in touch for a free remote training session with the UK probiotic specialists. We offer a free product on completion of training as well as an affiliate scheme to support those healthcare professionals who have embarked on their digital journeys.



Our Frontline

Our Frontline

You may have seen that Mind, Samaritans, Hospice UK, Shout and The Royal Foundation have teamed up to launch Our Frontline. This collaboration is providing round-the-clock mental health support for all key workers, by call or text, and online resources. You can find out more about the support we're offering at and you can follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Oxford Medical

Oxford Medical

We provide CPD accredited behavioural development courses for doctors: leadership, management, teamwork and teaching. These skills are at least as important now as they have ever been and development is particularly important for those who are finding themselves in an unfamiliar role. The big challenge is for doctors being able to access quality training.  So our online courses are an excellent solution.



Primary Care Pathways

Primary Care Pathways

We have a load of resources for GPs and their teams working on the front line.  All of these are free to download from our Facebook group.

We have:
• Our OneRemote template for EMIS and S1 which helps users record remote consultations.  It has the latest evidence built in, including breathlessness assessment, NICE guidance and conforms with the latest codeset releases and definitions and is kept up to date on a regular basis.  It includes a section for dealing with COVID risk categories, a palliative care section and a section for recording death administration information (date/time and also cause).
• This is supported by a number of other tools:
o COVID care plan  - prepopulated with information from the template
o Form 4 for cremation – again autopopulated from the template data entry
o Protocol for recording COVID risk categories – this also has the ability to send patients shielding letters, or let them know that they don’t need to shield if they aren’t in the highest risk group.

Contact: Dustyn Saint, 07540452070,


Private Practice Software

In April PPS introduced a free telehealth feature across all of our products to make video consultations possible, we're also releasing free training guides which include all of our webinars for free!

On the 19th May we are also intending to host a live webinar on returning to practice, what this might look like and how to approach it.

Contact: Tabitha, 01283 550 777,


Prospect Diagnostics Ltd

Prospect Diagnostics Ltd

Hemo Control | Haemoglobin Analyser | brought to you by Prospect Diagnostics Ltd (manufactured by EKF)

Iron deficiency Anaemia (IDA) is under-diagnosed and under-treated in the UK - IDA can have a substantial impact on patients’ health, sleep and functioning - the treatment of IDA has been shown to improve patients’ quality of life - with appropriate interventions in primary and secondary care, many IDA patients can be kept out of hospital, which has increased importance at this time. The Prospect Diagnostics Hemo Control starter package can help you to achieve this goal. Offering portability, speed of measurement, low maintenance requirements, low cost per test, POC haemoglobin analysers offer an interesting alternative where haemoglobin is the main parameter of interest.

For our Hemo Control starter package contact 


Quality Compliance Systems

Quality Compliance Systems

The new Resource Centre includes: 
• Regular updates 
Our ever-expanding library will provide you with a broad range of useful and reliable information to help your teams to stay on top of news and any new policies changes. 
• Multimedia content 
Our content for you is no longer restricted to only policies and procedures, but information in different formats, such as audio and video. They allow you to understand different situations as quickly and easily as possible. 
• Easy Accessibility 
Resources will be available on your system automatically once you are logged in and by using the sharing tools of the QCS Compliance Management System, you can deliver key information directly to teams. 
• QCS Easy Reads  
We have also introduced QCS Easy Reads. It is a growing range of easily understandable content that can help you to meet the Accessible Information Standard. At launch, the series includes Consent, Photo Consent, Complaints and the COVID-19 content; as well as the Staying at Home and the COVID-19 guide. 

The COVID-19 resource centre is completely free to access and will always remain so, when access is originally gained a free 7 day trial of the entire system is also activated. After 7 days full access to the COVID-19 resource centre will remain.

In additional we also have COVID-19 content available without signing up on our website’s Coronavirus Hub. 

Contact: +44 (0) 333 405 3333


Supported Health

Supported Health

Looking for a new video live consult solution to help during Covid19?

Set up your live video GP consultations quickly with Live Consult. Just send a link to your patients to enter the virtual waiting room and then start a consultation from anywhere!



  • Available over desktop, tablet and mobile with native mobile app arriving Summer 2020
  • Book via Practice receptionist or website
  • Virtual waiting room displaying local information and adverts from the Practice
  • Broadband check on both parties prior to consultation
  • Ability to involve a further person in the Practice for additional help or triage (coming soon)
  • Display Doctor or Consultant availability in real time on your Practice website
  • Sessions recorded and encrypted, download to Practice for storage
  • Fully interoperable, easily connect to your systems over Live Consult API
  • Post-session survey for both parties


CALL US TODAY to arrange a demo - +44 (0)203 898 0111 or email:

*Free set up and licence for first 3 months, subject to availability.



 HD voice connectivity 
 Promotes PCN working
 Network call queuing (up to 50 calls per site)
 Improved external line access for inbound/outbound call traffic
 Ability to dynamically change line access dependent on staffing levels
 Automated attendant 
 Intelligent queue information to patients
 Call centre working for main reception staff
 Immediate divert options to another location/number 
 Call management and monitoring of calls
 Real-time and historical reporting 
 Replacement handsets offering HD voice services 
 Mobile phone clients and PC clients 
 Video consultations & meetings
 Free calls to UK destinations (01,02,03)
 Free calls to UK mobile destinations 
 Free protection against fraud management 
 In-house configurable system (no helpdesk needed for minor changes)
 Delivery via multiple data centres therefore no single point of failure
 24/7 connectivity support 
 Link to mobiles (to mirror desk phones)
 Direct-dial in (DDI) numbers, hot-desking, hunt groups, do not disturb, etc.
 End user training 
 Complete project management

swcomms deliver tailor-made healthcare solutions, managing the installation, configuration and testing with meticulous care and providing ongoing technical support and maintenance through our service desk and network of field engineers.

What makes us unique? 
Not all cloud solutions are the same and I feel that we have a unique proposal that will offer a completely managed end-to-end solution from a single provider based on business-critical connectivity. 

Key differentiators include:

 We use a fully managed, voice only connection at the practice, supported 24/7 - to be clear, the current N3/HSCN connections would not be used
 A fully managed, best-of-breed Cisco router is provided 
 The solution is delivered a supported by one of the largest independent communications company within the UK with an extensive support team
 It is a fixed cost solution with zero rated call charges for local, national and UK mobile call traffic allowing you to have a clear understanding of your ongoing costs, with capped contracts ensuring no increases
 The ability to instantly divert calls to another location or number in the event that a site has a failure or if access to the site is not possible, such as in adverse weather conditions
 Continual product enhancement allows the platform to evolve over time without the need for capital investment or additional charges
 swcomms is a Practice Index 5* rated supplier

Our cloud telephony solution essentially offers the same features and benefits of an on-premise IP telephony solution, with the exception that most of the infrastructure and consequently complexity is held within the core network in secure data centres, thus removing the need to host, manage and maintain telephony equipment locally.

Contact: James Hooker, +44 (0) 1392 369369,



We have already been offering free online stress and anxiety management sessions to NHS employees. These can be delivered individually or as group sessions. The 1:1 sessions are conducted around the needs of the individual. Often times they just appreciate a chance to chat. If necessary we use some NLP and/or clinical hypnosis techniques. Typically we end up teaching clients how to relax using breathing and visualisation techniques.

The group sessions are more structured. We focus on what causes stress collectively and individually and then discuss and practice a couple of techniques to manage this. This includes circles of control and acceptance, 7/11 breathing and hypnotic relaxation. 

During both the 1:1s and group sessions we do not ask anyone to reveal anything about their stressors (unless they want to), so they are completely confidential and safe.

Contact: Michelle,, 08002922450




As a manufacturer of cleaning products we are still able to supply all our cleaning stock and presently have plenty of our Alcohol Gel which has 70%+ Alcohol content and has passed EN1276 we have been manufacturing this product for some years now and would be happy to help any HCPs with this and any other products that they are in need of. 

Contact: Michele Houghton, 07860268702,



1.) Temporary (or temp to perm) Hosted solution

We are able to forward calls from a surgery’s number to a hosted platform. We can put in a network level Auto Attendant for advisory messages and press 1 for x and 2 for y options. Each user then has a mobility licence, meaning that they can have an app (mobile or PC) that they can download which becomes their extension on the hosted platform meaning that they can work from anywhere with internet access.

If they currently have SIP trunks, they can even transfer calls back to DDI numbers in the practice as we would only forward the relevant numbers onto the hosted platform. If they still have ISDN, then it is an all or nothing scenario as when you forward ISDN, all DDI numbers are forwarded too.

On premise systems will continue to work for outbound calls. Any sites where you may want to load the app to a PC / laptop on site, you will need to allow the download and traffic through your firewall.
The cost of this solution is as follows :
User set up fee £50 (one off) per user
User licence £14.95 pcm per user (includes 2000 mins to 01,02,03 and 2000 mins to uk mobiles)
Call recording £5 per user pcm

We are offering the above on a 90 day contract which then goes onto a 30 day rolling contract so there will be no hefty early termination charges or surgery’s stuck in long term expensive contracts.
We can add all the clever stuff like call monitoring and management software too but this has additional fees and takes longer to build and train.

As we are using call forwarding to achieve this, it will incur call forwarding fees (usually around 1p per min dependant on provider).
We are able to have this kind of thing up and running in around 2 days. It can also be pre-built so the surgery can test it before forwarding their number.

This solution is available to existing and new customers alike and will buy the surgery the time to consider any replacement systems in the future. If the Coronavirus thing dies down in a few months, they can simply switch it off and go back to how they were with their incumbent supplier.

2.) Short term mobile contracts

We are also offering short term mobile contracts for new and existing customers. The following prices apply :
a.) Unlimited calls / texts and 6 gig of data is £15pcm for a 90 day contract and £13pcm for a 12 month contract
b.) Unlimited calls / texts & data is £30 pcm for a 90 day contract and £24 pcm for a 12 month contract

The above are SIM only, but we can also supply the mobile devices if required. Anybody requiring a 90 day contract will have to pay for the device up front. Anybody wanting a 12 month contract or longer, we can spread the device cost interest free over the term.

Please feel free to share this information across the CCGs, surgeries and CSU

We appreciate how busy our NHS colleagues are right now so there’ll be no hard sell to anyone.

I’m happy to take calls and emails at anytime in the current climate. My ddi is 01953 713318 and my mobile (after 5pm and weekends) is 07500 062091

Contact: Keith Hobson, 01953 713318,