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Anjna Sharma

Anjna Sharma

Anjna Sharma

Director of Pharmacist Services, Soar Beyond LTD
Anjna brings 25 years of experience to her current role which has previously involved community and secondary care posts, and academic roles at Nottingham and De Montfort University. She is passionate about improving the outcomes for patients through medicines by developing and enabling pharmacists and pharmacist led services within the NHS to achieve this. She leads our Pharmacist Services division where her main focus and strengths revolve around in supporting our NHS partners to implement effective and sustainable change at organisational level through the SMART platform and 1:1 mentoring and coaching for senior lead pharmacists working in PCNs. Anjna understands the challenges on the ground with not only the transition from one sector of pharmacy to another but the ever growing roles and responsibilities of clinical pharmacists working in general practice and leading the new workforce.