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Bogdan Chiva Giurca

Bogdan Chiva Giurca

Bogdan Chiva Giurca

Lead for Social Prescribing Champion Programme, National Academy for Social Prescribing
Dr Bogdan Chiva Giurca is currently working as Development Lead for the Global Social Prescribing Alliance and Social Prescribing Champion Programme Lead at the National Academy for Social Prescribing (NASP). He is the Founder and Chair of the NHS Social Prescribing Champion Scheme (2016-2021) consisting of thousands of UK junior doctors and medical students. Over a four-year period, the scheme has delivered over 700 teaching sessions in all UK medical schools, as well as developing a National Consensus for Teaching Social Prescribing. As the founder of the '#SocialPrescribingDay' campaign, Bogdan has acted as an international champion, raising awareness of the subject globally. His work has influenced national healthcare policy and has driven key changes within the medical school curriculum, contributing to several peer-reviewed publications and policy documents, including the NHS Long Term Plan, the Personalised Care Model, GP Partnership Review, as well as authoring three books on medical education. Bogdan has completed clinical foundation training and is currently applying for specialty training as well as continuing his work as Collaborator for the Harvard Global Health Institute.