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Debbie Brown

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Debbie Brown

Debbie Brown

Safeguarding Nurse Specialists, Midland Safeguarding Limited
Eileen and Debbie are employed by a local CCG and they specialise in Safeguarding, Child Protection and Child Death processes. They are Registered Nurses and Health Visitors by background and educated to Masters Level in relevant subjects. They both have extensive experience of working in the field of safeguarding children as both Named and Designated Safeguarding Professionals and influence practice at both local and national level. Eileen and Debbie have contributed to numerous Child Safeguarding Practice Reviews and Domestic Homicide Reviews and led on public health campaigns to tackle child death and safeguarding issues such as safer sleeping, shaken baby, Protective Behaviours and child sexual exploitation. They are also partners/Directors at Midland Safeguarding Limited – an Independent Safeguarding Consultancy which offers expertise in Safeguarding training, supervision, service reviews and independent safeguarding management reports.