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Duncan Blair

Duncan Blair

Duncan Blair

Civilian Medical Practitioner, Tidworth Garrison Medical Centre
Duncan is a civilian medical practitioner (GP) working at the Tidworth Garrison Medical Centre. He has served in the Royal Navy as a submarine medical officer, as well as participating in various operations around the world. He was responsible for drafting the overarching policy and doctrine that supports the provision of healthcare across Defence. Leaving the Royal Navy in 2015, he has worked as the Medical Lead for Worcestershire Out-of-Hours Service before returning to military general practice at Tidworth. Having suffered a sub-arachnoid haemorrhage in 2018, his focus has shifted to bring as much support as practicable to the provision of neuro-rehabilitation within the community he now serves. Engaging with the steering group (with his experience both as patient and practitioner) is an opportunity to frame the doctrine and strategy of the way forward for P-CNS. He is also keen to explore, with P-CNS, how better to help the patient find their own routes to health and wellbeing; with the primary care practitioner acting as advocate for the patient’s needs.