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Jo Wilson

Jo Wilson

Jo Wilson

Co-Founder, Aligned Care Programme
Jo Wilson is a Director of 2 companies that support health care professionals and co-founder of the Aligned Care Programme. She has been working within healthcare for over 17 years, initially as an Excellence Director within Primary Care. Her Fathers illness some time ago highlighted to her that communication with her family, her dad and healthcare professionals was poor resulting in fragmentation of care and stress. Following his sad death, she stepped back and reflected on what had happened and came to a realisation that every one of the health professionals involved cared and were working hard, yet it seemed that they were being pulled apart by the ever-changing goalposts they worked towards. This made her question whether they had the support or skills they needed? It was then that her passion for helping those working within healthcare and social care was founded. She is now proud to see how an aligned, holistic approach can really enable healthcare professionals to build their skills to increase their motivation and job satisfaction and make a difference to patients. Since 2011 she has been helping health professionals and organisations handle the challenges of working within the NHS and also providing them with ways to empower patients to own their own health outcomes. With her foundations in human psychology, she has gone on to combine the skills and tools of Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Clean Language, Behavioural Psychology, Transactional Analysis and Motivational Interviewing and is passionate about providing NHS professionals with the means to bring an easy to apply coaching methodology into their consulting to improve clinical results and enable the patient to feel they are receiving a patient-centred service.